Dark-field Loupe

    Dark-field Loupe

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    • Features a high-intensity miniature dark-field and a distortion-free 18mm 10X-triplet magnification
    • Compact size makes it easy to carry with you when buying gems
    • Requires a Mini Maglite for the light source (not included)

    The dark-field loupe is a small instrument that provides 10X magnification as in a standard loupe, with an important added feature: it is combined with a specially constructed area that enables you to view a gem against a black background with strong lateral lighting.

    When viewed against a dark background—a dark field (hence the name dark-field loupe)—with lateral lighting and 10X magnification, many types of inclusions are easier to see and it is easier to determine more precisely what they are. For this reason it is especially valuable for colored gemstone buyers because seeing inclusions clearly plays an important role in separating one colored stone from another.

    As important as the dark-field loupe can be when examining colored gemstones, today it is also an essential tool for anyone buying diamonds or diamond jewelry because there are so many fracture-filled diamonds in circulation worldwide. A fracture-filled diamond, also called a clarity-enhanced diamond, is a diamond that contains a crack or cracks that have been filled with a glass-like substance to improve the overall appearance of the stone. Using the dark-field loupe is the easiest way for most people to spot fracture-filled diamonds.

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