SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter

    SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter

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    Spot Type-II diamonds with this essential tool!
    Stop worrying about inadvertently buying or selling colorless CVD synthetic diamonds or HPHT-treated diamonds!

  • With a simple shortwave transparency test, quickly and easily separates diamond types that can produce colorless, near-colorless, pink and blue diamonds.
  • Aids in detecting HPHT-Enhanced (High-Pressure, High-Temperature annealed) diamonds.
  • Requires a shortwave lamp (we recommend the SSEF High-Intensity Shortwave Illuminator).
  • Includes written and CD-ROM instructions.
  • Today certain types of diamonds can be transformed from very tinted, off-color diamonds into colorless and fancy-color stones through new techniques involving the use of high-pressure/high-temperature annealing (referred to as the HPHT process or HPHT technique). HPHT techniques can also improve the color of natural-color fancy blue and fancy pink diamonds by removing detrimental brownish undertones and thus intensifying the color. Unfortunately, only certain rare diamond types can be used to produce colorless, near-colorless, pink, and blue diamonds by the HPHT process. The SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter indicates whether or not a diamond is one of these rare types.

    In addition to HPHT-treated diamonds, today we also find near-colorless synthetic diamonds being produced by single-crystal CVD (chemical vapor deposition). These synthetic diamonds are also one of the rare types that can be identified with the SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter.

    With the SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter, anyone can determine whether or not a diamond is one of the rare types that could be treated to produce colorless, near-colorless, pink, and blue diamonds, and whether or not it could be synthetic. An essential tool for screening, the SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter greatly reduces your dependence on gem-testing laboratories and the need to get updated reports on every diamond with an old report. When examining a diamond that is colorless, pink, or blue, if you determine it is not one of these rare types, then you know you don’t have to worry about it being HPHT-treated or CVD synthetic. If it is one of the rare types, you know you must perform other tests, and, depending on those results, the services of a major gem-testing laboratory may be required. The SSEF Spotter is also useful when dealing with naturally tinted diamonds in determining whether or not the color could be improved by HPHT techniques. And last but not least, the Spotter used in conjunction with the SSEF Diamond Tester for Blue and Potentially Blue Diamonds can indicate whether or not a tinted diamond could be transformed into a blue diamond.

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