SSEF Blue Diamond Tester

    SSEF Blue Diamond Tester

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    For Blue and Potentially Blue Diamonds

    Determines whether a stone is Type IIB.

    Using electronic conductivity, separates rare natural Type-I diamonds from Type-II blue diamonds and synthetic diamonds.

    Complete instructions included.

    Indispensable for today’s successful diamontaire—especially when used in conjunction with the SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter.

    In the course of learning more about HPHT-treated diamonds and ways to detect the use of these techniques to enhance diamonds, the gem trade realized the need to examine the characteristics of different diamond types more carefully. There are four basic types: IA, IB, IIA and IIB. Type I diamonds represent most of the world’s colorless, near-colorless, and yellow diamonds, and a rare variety of blue diamond (usually very grayish, grayish-blue or violet-blue) that derives its color from minute traces of hydrogen. Type II diamonds account for a very small percentage of naturally colorless and near-colorless diamonds, rare pink diamonds, and some brown-tinted diamonds. Type IIB diamonds account for some brown-tinted diamonds and blue diamonds that derive their color from boron (most blue diamonds are Type IIB).

    Using the SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter enables you to determine whether or not a diamond is a Type-II diamond. When considering the purchase of colorless and near-colorless diamonds, knowing whether a diamond is Type I or Type II is essential. If you can determine that a stone is not Type II, you don’t have to worry about HPHT treatment; if it is Type II, you know you must submit it to a major laboratory to know for sure. In the case of brown-tinted diamonds, the SSEF Spotter will tell you it is Type II, but does not distinguish between IIa and IIB. Here is where the SSEF Diamond Tester for Blue and Potentially Blue Diamonds can be invaluable. With a simple electrical-conductivity test, it will tell you whether or not a tinted Type-II diamond is IIA or IIB, enabling you to determine what the possible outcome of HPHT treatment might be: colorless to near-colorless, pink (IIA), or blue (Type IIB).

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